Remembrance Day 2010, /A\ Channel London, News at Six

Powerful Portraits (SEE VIDEO)

Artist paints images of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan


We’ve all seen their pictures.

Since April 2002, there have been 152 of them.

That’s 152 photographs of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Those photographs motivated an Ontario artist to take the images a step further, giving the fallen soldiers a chance to speak.

Dan Maclellan had the story on /A\ News at Six.

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3 Responses to Remembrance Day 2010, /A\ Channel London, News at Six

  1. Jelly Massee says:

    Yahoo! You made it to YouTube!! This was a wonderful piece and I hope the Canadian Government picks up on this and supports you!! What wonderful work!!

    • sgaebel says:

      Thanks Jelly, that’s a nice thought, but if the gov’t of Canada has any extra money kicking around, they should be putting every dime of it into supplying these guys with the proper and necessary equipment while they’re over there and adequate benefits and support when they return.

  2. Cathy says:

    I watched the news when the story was told about the portraits of the fallen soldiers, I was touched by his story and what he is doing with the portraits, what a unselfish man he is. My thought was, wouldn’t it awesome to have these portraits on the Canadian Stamps, now that would be a wonderful tribute for our fallen soldiers.
    It is something someone could look into, I wouldn’t even to begin to know how you would do something like that. If someone reads this and is able to contact someone about this or find out if it is even possable, it would be awesome.


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