South Algonquin Backpackers

An interesting place along the way, the South Algonquin Backpackers Historical Hotel is situated in Maynooth, Ontario, just south of Algonquin Park. Formerly known as the Arlington Hotel, it was built in 1899 along the historical Peterson Settlement Road.

Here in this century hotel, Tom Newman and his mother, Nancy open their doors year-round to Canadian and international travelers. Lodging is available at reasonable rates in private or dormitory rooms, with kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities available to guests.


Catching the sunset, the Algonquin Backpackers Hostel, Maynooth, Ontario


There’s internet access and wifi, an entertainment room, a good library of books available for exchange, even a full bar downstairs that Tom will open up exclusively to his guests if there is sufficient interest on a Friday or Saturday night. A friendly atmosphere and always an interesting stay–there’s no telling where in the world your fellow guests and travelers may be from.

A long-time resident of the area, Tom also offers guests guided day trips into Algonquin Park and is a great source of information for local history, upcoming events and places of interest you’ll want to see when in the area.

And for those interested in Canadian art… your host, Tom, is a relative of Tom Thomson. It’s true!


Maynooth, c. 1965, A.J. Casson


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  1. Many thanks for taking some time in order to publish
    “South Algonquin Backpackers | The Fallen Canadian
    Soldier Project”. Many thanks once more ,Otilia

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